It’s taken me quite some time to write this review on the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit & Lip Gloss. Mainly because I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with them. I definitely think that Kylie Jenner is on to a good thing – (also I might add, kudos to her creating these lip kits and raking in the coin, she’s young and looks to have a pretty good head on her shoulders all things considered.)

Things I LOVE:

– The colours; I have ‘Exposed’ ‘Candy K’ and ‘Koko K’ in the lip kits. ‘Literally’ and ‘So Cute’ in the lip gloss. All of the colours are spot on – such great neutral tones, with natural colours that to me looks like natural lips only better

– The lip kit lip liner – SO freaking creamy and amazing! I actually use the lip liner by itself a lot more than the liquid lipstick. It is like nothing I have ever tried before

– Last; it lasts for DAYS and still looks fresh after hours (except when looking up close (see ‘things I hate; below))

– Hard to remove; a good / bad thing, hence why its in my things I love AND things I hate list!

– The smell; some people hate it, but I love it! Smells like vanilla to me, I like the scent and don’t think its overpowering at all. I can barely smell it once its on and set either

– The packaging; the liquid lipstick case is really nice, it feels good and high quality. The lip gloss itself actually has some weight to it and feels substantial in your hand like you get a lot of product

Things I HATE:

– They seriously dry my lips out. BUT I have discovered a pretty good trick for the liquid lipsticks. Don’t stretch your lips out like you normally would when putting on a lipstick. Don’t move your lips at all, just keep your mouth loose and paint it on. For me, it works like a charm When you stretch your lips out it causes more cracks and lines to appear in the lips as the lipstick dries

– Flakey & cakey – after a while if you look up close your lips can look very dry and the lipstick looks as though it has started to flake in sections. That also means that it can look uneven and patchy. Unfortunately putting more on just makes it look cakey. On a good note though, its only when you look up close – from far away it still looks fantastic

– The lip gloss is WAY to sticky. So sticky my hair gets stuck in it and its like glue. Looks great, acts like super glue. Urgh

– Hard to remove; good but annoying. An oil based product gets it off in a jiffy (like a precleanser or an oil based makeup wipe) OR my Makeup Eraser just wipes it off in less than a second

– The cost; not the end of the world but they come out to be around $44 each plus shipping ($29 US)

All in all am I glad I waited on the website hitting refresh every 5 seconds waiting for them to go on sale (at ungodly hours of the day / night I might add) – YES. Am I glad that I spent money subscribing to Kylie’s app so that I could find out when they were going on sale – YES. I think they are money well spent and you do get good value out of them. Do I think that there are some spot on dupes out there – heck YES. There are quite a few great YouTube videos showing you dupes for all of the lip kits (check out Shaaanxo on YouTube, she has done 2 dupe videos). For me personally I think that the ColourPop cosmetics liquid lipsticks are just as good – and only $6US each but that’s just not as fun as wearing something that Kylie Jenner has worn is it?

You can buy Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics here. Good luck!

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