Current blogger / snapchatter / instagram favourite – Marianna Hewitt. She has such a good eye! Her instagram is so cohesive and beautiful and has such lovely tones, I love it everytime I look at it (which is often) on snapchat she comes across as warm, lovely and kind and just seems like a great person. I LOVE her blog – she is so open and shares so much about being a blogger and what that entails but also I love that she will share so much with her readers. I’ve learned how to edit instagram photos, take good flat lay photos, how to have a good instagram feed – stuff that no one else will share with you! Its amaze.

Oh and of course YouTube! That’s how I found her in the first place, her YouTube channel is the bomb dot com!

Check her out and follow her here: Blog | Instagram | YouTube | Snapchat – marianna_hewitt

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